Mount Pleasant Police Department 2023 Annual Award Recipients

Written on 01/29/2024
Mount Pleasant Police Dept.

Mount Pleasant Police Department 2023Annual Award Recipients 

Outreach Award

As an executive leader within this organization, this
Captain leads from the front when it comes to community outreach. A few of the
community events that he has overseen are Shop with a Cop, Overdose Awareness
Day, Toys for Tots, etc. Not only does he expect other leaders under his span
of control to embrace the community police model, but he lives it every day.
For this, Captain Carter is receiving the Community Outreach Award.

This officer always has a positive attitude when working
within the community. Always going above and beyond to ensure that events are a
great success. This officer has participated in the Special Olympics and most
recently Shop with a Cop. Her positive attitude paired with her dedication to
the community puts a positive lens on the department as well as builds a
stronger working relationship with the community. For this, SPO Kopp is
receiving the Community Outreach Award.

Two officers together have become mentors to the Mount
Pleasant Police Department Explorer Post. They often give up their off duty
time to help train and teach those that are interested in the Law Enforcement
path. From assisting with the Summer SCALE Competition to teaching SWAT
Principles, PFC Hill and CPL Bayles has proved to have a positive impact on the
future generations of law enforcement. For these reasons, PFC Hill and CPL
Bayles are receiving the Community Outreach Award.


On December 17, 2023, our town was hit by an enormous storm
front that caused massive flooding. After receiving a 911 call about an elderly
female that was trapped in her vehicle after being submerged in a retention
pond, two of our officers responded. Their instant decision to swim out at
their own peril to save a citizen of this town exemplifies exactly what our
mission statement says. For their actions, SGT Stafford and PFC Byrne are
receiving the Guardian Award.

of the Year

Wearing different hats during a shift, these four
individuals have proven themselves this year as hard workers and a great
benefit to the department. From directing traffic at school, towing trailers,
assisting with the explorer program, they have grown over the last year and
continue to look for opportunities to serve. For these reasons, all Community
Service Officers are receiving the Civilian of the Year Award- Cole Googe,
Matthew Iannuzzi, William McMullen and John Walter.

Rookie of
the Year

This officers thirst for knowledge is apparent. When he
isn’t working patrol, he is seen assisting with the Explorers Program, Honor
Guard, involved with the K9 unit and most recently showed interest in SWAT. He
is a recent recipient of the Bronze Hero Award from South Carolina Department
of Public Safety. As a new officer, he has clearly set himself apart from the
rest and is often looked upon as a leader. For these reasons, Patrol Officer
Trent Hill is Rookie of the Year.

Resource Officer of the Year

This officer continues to take the initiative to further his
knowledge by taking numerous courses for certifications. He is typically the
first to volunteer, even when the assignments are less than desirable. Aside
from his daily routine, this SRO volunteered to manage the Criminal Justice
Club within his school where he coordinates with the specialized units to
educate the students. For these reasons, School Resource Officer Kane is
receiving the SRO Of the Year Award

of the Year

This investigator makes managing work and home life look too
easy. While assisting with the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office
Internet Crimes Against Children, she’s also able to balance keeping her
regular cases up to date and her home life as her husband works for the United
States Coast Guard. She has a positive attitude and is always willing to help
those around her. She recently received the second highest award for
investigators from the Unites States Secret Service, The Directors Award. For
these reasons, Detective Desiree Schnackenberg is Investigator of the Year.

Officer of the Year

Although assigned to the Traffic Unit, this officer
exemplifies how a well-rounded officer should look like. Maintain her regular
traffic responsibilities, she also is part of the CIRT and Drone Team. She has
helped with multiple community events such as Shop with a Cop, Toys for Tots as
well as being a vital asset to helping teach at the Charleston Southern University.
When she’s out of uniform, she serves in a different way by participating in
the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk, Autism Awareness Walk, school supply drives
and even knitting blankets for preemie babies in the NICU. For these reasons,
Patrol Officer Michaela Capers is Traffic Officer of the Year.

Officer of the Year

In 2023, Mount Pleasant Police Department was recognized by
other agencies for our quick transition from Glock 40 to 9 mm. This was able to
be accomplished by the help of this officer coordinating specifically with
Glock, setting up and instructing range days and reaching out to multiple
contacts to trade ammo. Additionally, this officer’s ensures that all
precertified officers are prepared for their cumulative at the academy and
oversees the drone team which is a vital tool used to help the public. For these
reasons, Field Training Officer David Triana is Officer of the Year.

of the Year

While newest of the supervisors, this supervisor’s maturity
and growth over the last year was seen throughout the department. Managing the
Athletics Committee paired with the responsibilities of being a team leader is
always challenging, however he never failed to constantly encourage his team to
stay motivated and hungry for improvement. For these reasons, Sergeant Charles
Stafford is Supervisor of the Year.