Investigation Update

Written on 12/06/2021
Mount Pleasant Police Dept.

Pleasant, S.C. - The Mount Pleasant Police Department completed the
investigation into the rumor of a threat of violence at Lucy Beckham High
School. Interviews with multiple individuals involved uncovered no threat of
violence towards the school. The investigation concluded that this was a
disagreement between individuals via Snapchat. 

want to thank everyone who reached out to us with information about this issue!
The Mount Pleasant Police Department takes all incidents such as these
seriously and investigates them to the fullest extent. Students are encouraged
to report any circumstance they feel could endanger their safety or the safety
of others. These reports should be reported by
telling an administrator/teacher/parent, calling dispatch at 843-743-7200, or 
anonymously through our smartphone application. If the threat is considered
imminent, please call 911.